Procurement,Commodity Procurement,Spices procurement

Procurement,Commodity Procurement,Spices procurement

Category : Jobs

  1. Responsible for on time procurement of Finished goods sourced from third party
  1. Responsible for developing, implementing and communicating the third party sourcing strategy.
  1. Ensure Compliance to procurement policies
  1. Supplier relationship Management. Developing and retaining efficient supplier   network.
  1. PreparingProcurement Budget and responsible for ensuring favourable purchase variance.
  1. Co-ordinate with Quality Assurance to ensure product quality and change management.
  1. Developing cost sheets, getting the latest price trends of key RM and approving periodic change in cost sheets and TP Suppliers.
  1. Co-ordinating with Finance for on time payments to suppliers.
  1. Should be able to do market research & analysis for collecting and gathering market intelligence for commodities to procure the same at the right time and price .
  1. To ensure and run the logistics managements system as per committed timelines and cost .
  1. Managing inventory levels to meet procurement & dispatch targets.
  1. Monitoring the documentation process Ex GRN,DC stock register .

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