“Supply chain Head”,SCM

“Supply chain Head”,SCM

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  1. Implement and monitor all activities relating to receipt, storage & dispatch /issue of materials including finished goods to all customers to meet production, Supply and site targets.
  2. Ensure the quality of materials by proper storage and preservation
  3. Maintain optimum inventory control by balancing of receipts & issues
  4. Monitor the critical spares availability
  5. Liaise with other departments for proper disposal of expired /obsolete material
  6. Minimize obsolescence, surplus and scrap through proper ABC classification , codification & handling.
  7. Ensure adherence to all company commercial SOPs & statutory requirements
  8. Ensure the fixation of MAX/MIN/ROL levels of materials by close liaison with internal consumer departments.
  9. Ensure Material is stored in locations specified as per FIFO, FEFO & LIFO systems
  10. Perform Material Shortage Analysis, and Consumption Analysis of RM/PM.
  11. Accountable for accuracy of physical Vs book stock in all areas under control
  12. To meet the quality/EHS objectives and ensure that all the departmental activities are carried out as per EHS/QMS guidelines
  13. Ensuring all regulatory requirements is met.
  14. Coach and develop skilled workforce
  15. Support and propagate culture conducive to implementation of innovation /QMS/ EHS in the department

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